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Jess is an artist, an illustrator, a YouTuber, a lapsed knitter and the proud owner of a cat named Pierre. She spent the first decade of her career doing brand strategy and marketing for global businesses and corporations. Now, she's an independent creative in Austin, Texas and gets to blend her knowledge of the business with her love for all things illustrious. 


Fine Art

Jess has been painting with watercolors and oils on large canvases, small scraps of paper and everything in between for as long as she can remember. Her mission is simple: to make beautiful work that makes people feel extraordinary. Her aesthetic is influenced by her African upbringing - using simple lines, rich colors and organic shapes to capture the life in every form. 


Jess does illustration for kids, businesses and brands. She works in wobbly lines from a quill dipped in her Grandfather's vintage pot of India Ink, and in colorful watercolor washes. Her characters elicit a sense of wonder and adventure, with just a hint of mischief. 


Branding Background

Jess has worked on a wide variety of branding and marketing efforts for businesses both large and small. She's had the unique opportunity to be part of a start-up, a traditional advertising agency, a digital agency and finally rounded off her point-of-view by joining the global marketing team at a Fortune 500 Company. She brings brand thinking and a client mindset to all work.




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