Hey Tyler! Here's a little bit more about Content Studio ATX and what I do >>


Mission : give small businesses the strategy, tools and training to strengthen their brand through extraordinary content. 

Belief : extraordinary content comes from the same place as vision: from inside your business. 

+ Brand Strategy
+ Content Creation
+ Social Media Training
+ Content Curriculum


What is CSATX?

CSATX is a content consultancy that works closely with you to strengthen your business and brand through extraordinary content. Through our collaborative blend of brand strategy, content creation and onsite training, you’ll come away with the tools, content and knowledge to make your story sustainable.

What is a Content Curriculum?

1.0 distill. 

We start with an immersion session where we get to know everything about you and what you do. From there we help you distill your story and business objectives into a clear and concise brand strategy that will guide all of your content and communication. 

2.0 create. 

We work with you to turn your strategy into a content-driven story that’s unique, authentic and engaging for your brand and your audience. 

3.0 repeat. 

We provide all of the tools and training you and your team need to do this yourself.

Why a Content Studio? 

Hello, I'm Jess. I spent the past eight years in the corporate marketing world as a hybrid brand strategist and creative. Which means, I planned and executed the social marketing programs for agencies, brands and Fortune 500 companies. 

I'm starting my own Content Studio, because I want to do things a little bit differently. In my time spent at agencies and client-side, I noticed there was one consistent complaint: no one felt that the content they were paying for was as extraordinary as their business vision. 

That's why CSATX exists. To give businesses the strategy, tools and training to do it themselves. Because the best content comes from the inside.

Experience :

  • Marcom Strategy Development 
  • Global Product Launches 
  • Brand Guidelines and Identity 
  • Social Media Playbooks
  • Content Creation (video, photo, design, illustration)
  • Influencer Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Event Marketing (The Hunger Games, SXSW, The Muppets)
  • Workshops and Training

Some examples of what this looks like :


Client: Curcuma

I have an ongoing collaboration with Austin-based food truck and purveyor of plant-love, Curcuma. The brain-child of Rachel Musquiz, Curcuma is making the world more delicious, one kitchari bowl at a time! 

Some of the projects we've done together include shooting short videos for Instagram to raise awareness about her food philosophies, putting together a press packet with food photography for PR purposes and illustrating an iconic promotional "I TURMERIC ATX" sticker. 

+ Video Production
+ Press Photography
+ Illustration
+ Sticker Design


Client: Four Hands

I have the privilege of working with an Austin-based furniture supplier to develop their first fine art product line. I collaborate with the product development team on each step in the process - from concept through execution. We now have 38 SKUs in market, nationwide!

I also work with Four Hands behind the scenes, producing timelapse videos of their photoshoots and showroom photography for Instagram. 

+ Fine Art Product Line Development
+ Instagram Photography
+ Video Production

Client: Me

Just for fun, here is some of the promotional content I create for myself on an on-going basis. It's a mix of sharing what it's like to start a commercial art business from scratch, and giving people a view into my creative process. 

Since starting YouTube in September, the channel has gotten 83,000 views, made me discoverable to bloggers, podcasters and other people in the industry and introduced me to a delightful community of artists and illustrators who want to learn stuff with me!