Illustrating Art Basel Miami Beach

PROJECT: Art Basel illustration


MEDIUM: Ink + Digital


BFA is an very cool agency of photographers, videographers and creatives who shoot events for everything scene and unseen in fashion, arts and culture. They commissioned me to create an illustration to highlight their goings on at Art Basel Miami Beach 2015.

I adore the vibe of Miami. The juxtaposition of retro and modern, high and low, bold neons and flat, pastel Art Decos. The most important part of this piece was capturing that feeling in a unique, delightful and authentic way.

The first step was orienting all of the buildings. Most of the venues were on Collins Avenue, so that's the vantage point, a stroll down Collins. 

The next step was concept. During Art Basel, art descends all over Miami or there's "art everywhere." All of the buildings are their own little works of art, covered in graffiti-esque patterns and decorations. At that point the project turned the into a Miami Beach themed adult coloring book, almost.

I started by inking all of the buildings by hand, then scanned in the line work at 800 dpi and took the coloring-in to Photoshop. The color palette was rather eccentric. The base colors of the piece are the standards of deco peach, turquoise and yellow, accented by a slew of rainbow hues and tones and some extra pastels for good measure. 

All in all it was a wonderfully vibrant project that's left me craving a trip to Miami and wanting to play with more pastel brights in my work. 

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