VLOG | Personal Branding Workshop



WHAT DO YOU DO: experience

both in work and life, what makes you credible and shapes your point of view

APPROACH (how do you think) 

how do you approach a project from start to finish, what’s it like to live inside your head when you’re solving a creative problem

PROCESS (how do you make)  

how do you make your art/work, what mediums do you use, how long does it take, what makes it different


ii. VISCERAL ELEMENTS: how does it make people feel, how do you put words to the inexplicable, universal, magic stuff that is creativity

#THREEWORDS: (how does your work make people feel)

ask other people to name the first three words that come to mind when they experience your art/work

INSPIRATION (how do you see) 

what are you obsessed with, what inspires you in life and work, how does this show up in and enrich your work


iii. STRATEGIC ELEMENTS: big picture, business and industry-focused stuff, end with this because it’s the hardest and probably requires some research

AUDIENCE + VALUE: (who are you talking to) 

who is your most important audience and what is the inherent value you give them  

POSITIONING: (what makes your work extraordinary)