All About Marc Martin

Welcome to the world of Marc Martin - Australian maker of picture books and lush children's and editorial illustrations. For me, the best illustrators embody a feeling, regardless of subject matter, style, concept, and all of the other tangible things to talk about. That's why instead of writing loads about their point of view and giving my own, I prefer to let their work do the talking. 

This is the feeling of Marc Martin, all green and genuine and quietly, tropically alive:  


In his own words - Marc Martin is an illustrator, artist and book maker based in Melbourne, Australia. His illustrations have been commissioned by clients such as Monocle magazine, Wired magazine, The Financial Review, Capital magazine, The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and various festivals. 

He is the author and illustrator of five books, A Forest, Silent Observer, The Curious Explorers  Illustrated Guide to Exotic Animals A-Z, Max and the newly released A River. 

He does things on InstagramTumblrTwitter, too.