Floral February : An Instagram Project


Floral February started serendipitously after posting a colorful, floral doodle to Instagram on what happened to be February first. From there, came a month-long project dedicated to drawing all things floral.

I've been wanting to use my Instagram feed in a more focused and meaningful way for quite some time. I often feel like my postings (and my sketching habits in general) are pretty scatterbrained. Whereas the Instagram feeds that inspire me are just so "spontaneously" cohesive and unfold this voyeuristic narrative of someone's light-soaked life that you just want to beam yourself into. 

I wanted to be my own cat, basking in the sunbeam of my Instagram feed. To remove the pressure of deciding what to draw everyday and to dedicate myself to exploring the world of flora and fauna in my mind. 

The Floral February project gave me the perfect avenue to develop technique, while sticking to a cohesive theme, color palette and voice. Not to mention the excuse to buy fresh flowers for myself all month. 

Throughout the month I tried out some nifty new supplies. The first thing to crack was the color pink. I've never been satisfied with paint pinks - they're never quite the right hue or saturation. I have a set of Windsor and Newton colorful inks that has been collecting dust, so I decided to bust it out for the occasion.


That led me to the discovery of the BEST THING EVER - water brushes. Total game changer. My main problem in using inks was sort of laziness. So, I put a couple of drops of pink, orange and black ink into some Pentel water brushes and it was on. Pink forever. Plus you can add more ink or water depending on the saturation you want. 

I also used the water brushes with my watercolor pans and gouaches - they have a great point, and make drawing in front of the TV at night so much easier. Just love these guys. Can't wait to take them out on sketching adventures when the flowers actually start to bloom. 

The other new thing I tried with the flowers was mixed media. Ok, not totally new, I almost always have an India ink with watercolor, but this time I threw colored pencils into the mix, because I was inspired by Marc Martin's command of the colored pencil. They provide a lovely little pop at the end. 

Below is a list of supplies that I used... also stay tuned for March of the Penguins, happening all month long! > > > 

ff art supplies include: 

  • PLATINUM CARBON FOUNTAIN PEN - my favorite fountain pen ever!


  • PENTEL WATER BRUSHES - these are amazing...  




  • PRISMACOLOR PENCILS - really old set, they used to look like this