VLOG | Yes, I Started a Vlog

Yes, I started a vlog. In a nutshell, it's called Freelance Illustration Friday, and it's me following myself around and crafting some sort of cohesive story out of what I'm up to each Friday as a freelance illustrator. Thrilling stuff!

But seriously, I'm vlogging for a few reasons. Mostly because I've personally gained so much knowledge and inspiration from the people who shared their own stories online. From a mix of podcasts, TED talks, and YouTubers, I got the courage to quit my day job and start an illustration business. That, my friends, is how it went down. 

So, what to expect from this adventure in vlogging? My thoughts as I start this thing up are - each Friday I'll capture what I'm doing, but also try to frame each one around a topic of interest (likely what I'm learning about at the moment). Some topics will likely include: 

  • Working with clients
  • Making contracts
  • Having an agent
  • Publishing a picture book
  • Illustration process/tools/technique 
  • Projects in progress 
  • And, whatever else people are interested in! 

No, I don't exactly know what I'm doing. No, I'm not exactly comfortable with broadcasting my mug over the interwebs. But yes, I'm in the damn arena. 

Over and out, J