How to Watercolor : Florals!

This is what I would call a watercolor sketch, in that I do it with the mentality that it's not precise, it's very quick and there are absolutely no mistakes! 

Materials I Used

+ Canson Watercolor Paper :
+ Pentel Aquash Water Brush :
+ Schmincke Watercolor Palette :
+ Winsor & Newton Pro Watercolors :
+ Grumbacher Watercolors :


+  Soft and Furious - “The Secret" 
+  Soft and Furious - "Monster" 


Step 1 : Mix it up 

Find a good reference image and spend some time staring at the blank page and getting a feeling for the essence of your flowers. Notice the subtle gradients in the leaves and petals - a flower is usually a mix of a variety of colors.

For the pink petals, I mixed burnt sienna with deep rose, magenta, some cadium red and I believe even some tan got mixed in at some point. All makes for a more captivating water blob.


Step 2 : Paint Scribbles

I start with a scribble at the center of each rose. Simple as that. I make the centers the most saturated point so the color can run into the petals. 


Step 3 : Broad Strokes

Paint a couple broad strokes around the scribble for the petals. Keep the stroke water-soaked and not too saturated - the paint in the center of the scribble will do most of the work for you! 


Step 4 : Color Pops 

Sometimes it's fun to add one or two "bold" flowers to the mix. :D


Step 5 : Go With The Flow 

These flowers don't have to be exact renditions, they don't even really have to exist beyond your brush strokes. Just run with whatever hand wants to do and don't overthink it.


Step 6 : Leave Composition 

I use the leaves to fill in empty spaces and round out the composition of the piece. Again, these can be a variety of shapes and colors and sometimes just dots and swishy lines. 


Step 7 : Sit Back and Enjoy

Sign your piece, pour yourself a glass of something refreshing and sit back to enjoy your bouquet.