Twitter Header for the Holidays


PROJECT: Twitter header

BRIEF: Cats, tea, tulips

MEDIUM: Digital

Just a bundle of cats lounging on an Oriental rug in sweaters, nothing to see here.

This is a piece for my dear Twitter friend - who enjoys her cat Itamae, reading, capturing her morning walks in 140 characters, tea and tulips. 

I wanted to keep the concept quite simple and make the small space (1500 x 500 pixels) feel like home and exude a cozy, holidays spirit. Somewhere cats would be found lounging in the sunlight and the moonlight and any time of day, really. 

I started by sketching many, many pencil roughs of cats in all shapes and sizes and poses.


I took all of the sketches into Photoshop for color and background and texture, and created Twitter header template to work around. (To see where elements like the profile image sat in the space for the cats to interact with.)

The Oriental rug was a surprise. It just sort of wove itself in, and was the perfect spot for cats to snooze and scratch, and also the perfect shape for the length of the header. That also helped adjust the palette to four core colors - reds, blue, black and mauve. 

My biggest takeaway with this piece is that background sometimes changes everything. If you take a look at the color palette on white versus on the richness of the rug, it's completely transformed. There may be some more patterned rugs in my future, I find the pattern-work deliciously cathartic. 

I highly recommend following @ettagirl on Twitter or on her blog to indulge in morning walks and more >