How to Digitize Art

This is the process I use to digitize my art. I keep it as basic as possible, so there are DEFINITELY more professional ways to go about doing this. But hey, it works for me. 


  • Epson Perfection V600 Scanner:

  • Art!

  • Photoshop


  • Scan all art in at 800 DPI

  • Save all art as a TIFF

  • Create a document for digitized piece in Photoshop

  • Settings I use in Photoshop match my printer: 300 DPI + Adobe RGB 1998 color profile

  • Place scanned images in document

  • Get rid of "grey" background by using: Image > Adjustments > Levels

  • Click on white eye-dropper and click in any grey color to turn to white

  • Manually remove dust and erase backgrounds if levels is blowing out the piece too much

  • I do minimal color correction! If anything I'll increase vibrancy and adjust color balance

It is as simple as that. I print my art with, which is a topic for another day. I hope you found this useful, feel free to leave questions below!