How to Write an Illustration Proposal

This is episode one of a new series called "How I Got The Gig" - a detailed account of how I find new clients and the process I go through to start projects. You can check out the page I created on my website to get the gig right here > 

This is my go-to Illustration Project Template


  • The objective and desired results of a project said as simply as possible.
  • Try and keep this to one sentence


  • Summary of final output to be delivered
  • Capture any details (quantity, color, file type) 


  • Deadline and key milestones
  • If possible, capture timeline for revisions as well 


  • Outline usage rights included in the proposal cost 
  • Include timeframe for rights and media (ex. digital, social, etc.) 
  • Helps to note that renegotiation is required for certain media types (ex. print, tv, etc.) 


  • Project cost and fee structure (ex. flat fee or hourly rate) 
  • Revisions included in the cost